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Why Treatment?

Substance abuse is a broad term that can describe a wide range of dangerous and harmful behaviors involving both legal and illegal substances. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription medications are among the most commonly abused substances in the United States, while the abuse of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs remains problematic in communities throughout the nation. Depending upon the specific substance being abused, the amount and frequency of that abuse, and certain other factors, individuals who engage in substance abuse are at risk for myriad negative outcomes, including significant physical and psychological damage and the development of a substance use disorder.

Commonly referred to as addiction or chemical dependency, substance use disorders are characterized by a variety of unpleasant symptoms that include prioritizing substance abuse over important issues such as relationships, career, and academic progress, continuing to abuse substances even after experiencing negative repercussions, and experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop or limit one’s substance abuse.

At Life Choice treatment, we are familiar with the many ways that substance abuse can devastate individuals and families. Perhaps more importantly, we are also dedicated to developing innovative and effective programming that can help Woman overcome their dependence upon alcohol and/or other drugs and learn to live healthier and more satisfying lives, free from the limitations of addiction.  Our experienced and dedicated professionals provide the life-changing therapeutic interventions and other clinical services that help individuals emerge from the darkness of substance abuse and addiction and take their first steps along the path toward making a Life Choice for a drug-free future.

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