Program Levels

Overview – CONTINUE CARE Treatment Programs

Project Description

This program will be known as “Recovery Solution Centers Program” is a 0-90 or 120 days program, in this model, there will be levels and/or phases. With requirements to meet in each level to advance in this program. Each level is determining or measure by clinical staff, through assessments and skill encounter, in their treatment plan.

Level 1 – Acknowledge Phase

If a new client comes in the program without being in an RTC program within the last 6 months or ever been in a full treatment program.   This a 60-90 day suggested a stay at this level.

  • In this phase clients will be required to have 30 hours a week state level suggested treatment services.
  • To attend an inside or outside meeting 7 days a week.
  • This level will be fully under Policy & Procedures Handbook.
  • Meet with staff one on one at least twice a week, an encounter meeting.
  • Psych treatment-some tele-med.

Level 2 – Preparatory Phase

A client will step down or enter in this level, base of clinical staff. This phase is a PHP treatment plan of at least 6 hours a day for 8-10 days period,

  • Must attend at least 10-14 days, pending clinical plan.
  • Ability to interface with the existing data application of treatment.
  • Ability to incorporate in a treatment plan by staff.
  • Start rebuilding the physical side of the clients as a wellness program.
  • Will look for a sponsor, to start or restart working 12- step program.

Level 3 – Transition Phase

A client will be evaluated to enter this phase by clinical and staff. The client will need to finish the last 4-5 days of the PHP treatment plan remaining, as well as starting in an IOP program. This is a suggested 60 days or longer period, pending staff reviews.

  • Clients will be at a stage in treatment to start in Independence phase.
  • Clients will be seeking education, job search, and or present needs.
  • Clients will be work on steps 1-12 by this stage.
  • Start working on a maintenance plan for recovery with staff and/or sponsors.
  • Recovery Coaches will then be assigned.

Level 4 – Maintenance Phase

This phase clients will be attending at 1-year aftercare, working, school, and/or family reconnections.

  • Clients would have completed all suggested treatment program and process.
  • Attend once a month follow up with the treatment team.
  • Attend family night on the last weekend of the month.
  • Come to possible sponsor new clients, speaker night, and AA meetings.

Implementation Plan

This the suggested outline and program format we will use going forward. There is other information that will be added as I see the level staff can fully grasp? We are committed to having the best Staff, homes, and program.

Not cookie cutter program!!!!!

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